How to upgrade a membership category


Sometimes a member will have registered and paid for a membership at the beginning of a registration season, but would like to upgrade their membership to another membership type that allows them more participation privileges (e.g. upgrading from a Non Swimmer to a Swimmer; upgrading from a Recreational Swimmer to a Competitive Swimmer).


Log in to ClubLANE and find the member that you wish to upgrade by searching for their name in the Person tab.
Once their name appears, click on it to bring up their membership account.

This member has already paid as a Non Swimmer this year.
To change the member to a Swimmer, click on Edit in the Subscriptions box.

Change the membership Type to Swimmer, set the Renewal date to the first of your state’s next membership season, and set the Effective Date to the day you are performing the upgrade (i.e. today).
Click Save.

he difference between the Swimmer fee currently being charged and the Non Swimmer fee already paid by the member earlier in the year is automatically calculated for you.
Click Save.

Once you receive the below message click Return

The member’s fees owing should now be settled via the Subscriptions box in their membership account.
Click Pay Now to complete payment by credit card.
Click Manual pay to record an offline membership payment. 
(NOTE: this option is NOT available to New South Wales clubs).